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Power at Bay

Bridget Gubbins

Paperback, 210 × 200 mm, 192 pages; illustrated with 60 photographs, three maps, five diagrams, two tables, and nine other images; two chronologies, glossary, bibliography, and index.

The Druridge Bay Campaign successfully fought off the threat of a nuclear power station and stopped the commercial extraction of sand from a fine stretch of Northumberland coastline.

Power at Bay explains how ordinary people succeeded against large powerful opponents after almost two decades. It describes their activities and analyses the factors that contributed to their eventual complete success, using interviews with activists, their opponents and the media. It is illustrated with photos, tables and diagrams and includes advice and suggestions for other campaigns.


The author, Bridget Gubbins, was Press and Publicity Officer for the Druridge Bay Campaign from 1983 to 1997 and is the author of Generating Pressure: the campaign against nuclear power at Druridge Bay.



As activists, we so often have to be content with glorious defeats. This lively and detailed account of a rare victory against multinationals and the might of the state, allows us to revel in success. All would-be campaigners should take careful note of the wide variety of tactics used, from the long-term and sustained nature of the campaign, and from its achievements in generating support from all sections of the community, from MP’s and councils, to pensioners.

The book portrays the fight to save Druridge Bay from a diversity of viewpoints, (remarkably including those of their opposition), revealing the true impact people can have when they start to insist on playing an active role in decisions which shape their lives

Cath Bann – radical environmental activist, and anti-nuclear campaigner

This book is a vivid illustration of ‘people-power’ in action. Students of contemporary British politics will find it a compelling account. It brings to life the cut and thrust of a protest campaign, and reveals the passion, doggedness and inventiveness of ordinary people in their struggle against powerful commercial interests. Furthermore, by carefully distilling the experience and knowledge gained by the Druridge Bay Campaign, the book provides a useful guide for other budding protest groups

Dr Rob Baggott, Reader in Public Policy at de Montfort University, Leicester

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