Earthright Publications


Earthright Publications is a very small imprint which has published or helped publish fourteen titles, eight of which are still in print and which can be ordered from the publisher via

Titles in print

Obtaining titles

You may occasionally find Earthright Publications’ titles in bookshops, especially smaller, more specialist bookshops such as Housmans in London or Libra Aries in Cambridge, and some wholefood shops may stock Cordon Rouge. But it is not easy to interest most bookshops in relatively obscure (as far as they are concerned) titles from tiny publishers who do not use a distributor so few of them will keep any Earthright Publications’ titles in stock. You may also find Earthright Publications’ titles listed on Amazon but they do not hold any stock and it will take several weeks for you to get the books via them. The best way to obtain copies of Earthright Publications’ titles is to order direct - it is quicker and there is no charge for postage within the UK.

Ordering from Earthright Publications

Please send a letter to Earthright Publications, 7 Tiverton Way, Cambridge CB1 3TU or e-mail Earthright Publications at, stating clearly which book or books you wish to order and how many copies. Please remember to give your name and address or I cannot post the books to you. A cheque, made payable to Earthright Publications, for the correct amount to pay for the books is appreciated but if you prefer I can invoice you.

There is no charge for postage within the United Kingdom. Orders sent overseas will be despatched by airmail. Generally books will be despatched within two weeks of receipt of order.

Trade orders

All titles are distributed by the Earthright Publications, though Gardners and Bertrams will order the occasional copy from Earthright Publications, presumably to fulfil trade orders. Trade terms for bookshops and wholefood shops and similar outlets are 35% discount off cover price, no small order surcharge and no charge for postage within the UK.

Earthright Publications is prepared to supply books on special terms to alternative/radical groups for sale at Green Fairs and Festivals or similar events. Please contact me to discuss possibilities.

Out of print titles


Its proprietor, Monica Frisch, started Earthright Publications in 1980, in order to publish the first edition of Food: Need, Greed & Myopia, using experience gained through her involvement with Tyneside Free Press Workshop Ltd. Having enjoyed the process she decided to continue publishing although, unlike Bloodaxe Books, which also started on Tyneside at about the same time, Earthright Publications stayed very small, never publishing more than two titles in any one year and making only a small income for its proprietor.

If Earthright has a specialism at all it is probably local books: nine of the fourteen titles it has published have a strong link to north-east England, where Earthright Publications started, being about local issues (two books about the Druridge Bay Campaign), local guide books (four titles), linked to a local cafe (two titles) or by local authors. Earthright Publications does not publish fiction, and has no plans to produce any more books of poetry (as sales of the three published have been slow — all are still available).

Earthright Publications
7 Tiverton Way, Cambridge CB1 3TU
mobile: 0778 887 0852